OJSC “Legal agency “SRV” has carried out its activity on legal services market and has assisted organizations of Southern and North Caucasian Federal Districts since June 11, 1998. The need for its creation was due to the expansion of legal services provided by individual entrepreneur Savichev Roman Valerievich,who has operated on this market segment since June 1993. He was one of the Agency founders and continues to successfully manage his business. Since March of 2007 R.V. Savichev has been actively engaged in politics and currently is also the Deputy of the Stavropol region Duma.

Over the time of its existence Group of companies“SRV”, which includes OJSC “Legal agency “SRV”, LLC “Legal agency “SRV”, LLC“Consulting group “SRV” and LLC “SRV” managed to effect significant results, in terms of net profit in 2014 (272 800,3 thousand rubles) it is now one of the leaders among the companies of Russian Federation in the analogous professional field.

Main area of activity of OJSC “Legal agency “SRV” is therepresentation of Clients in arbitration courts. Over 1998 – 2014 and five months of 2015, the Agency employees had participated in 15 986 arbitration court sessions in 34 subjects of the Russian Federation. As a resultof consideration of our Clients’ cases, arbitration courts have adopted 3 555 first judgments and judgments in error, including 2 499 judicial acts on cases resulting from civil matters and 1056 judicial acts on tax, land, customs and other types of administrative disputes.

Over 1998 - 2014 and five months of 2015, 566 cases had been considered with the participation of the Agency attorneys in Federal Arbitration Court of the North- Caucasian District, 38 cases- in Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District, 9 cases inFederal Arbitration Court of the Northwest District, 3 cases in Federal Arbitration Court of the Ural District, 15 cases in Federal Arbitration Court of the Povolzhsky District, 52 cases in The Supreme Arbitration Court of theRussian Federation. Over the same period 1332 civil , administrative and criminal cases had been considered by regular courts with the participation of lawyers and attorneys of the Company,including 24 cases in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Since September of 2009 LLC "Legal agency "SRV"publishes specialized practical magazine “The Reporter of economic justice of the South and North-Caucasian Federal Districts”, where one can find topical articles on judicial disputes with the participation of our Clients, whose interests were represented by the employees of the Group of Companies "SRV". Full set of magazine issues can be found on ourweb-site by clicking the link “The Reporter of economic justice of the South and North- Caucasian Federal Districts” at the left top corner of our home page .

Net profit growth dynamicsof the Group of Companies "SRV"
Динамика роста чистой прибыли Группы компаний СРВ

Over 2002 – 2014 and five months of 2015  OJSC “Legal agency “SRV” has effected 74 Agreements of Cooperation with legal companies of Moscow, St. Petersburg,Kazan, Makhachkala, Krasnodar, Rostov, Voronezh, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Nalchik,Vladikavkaz, Cherkessk and other industrial centers of Russia for providingClients with consulting services of legal nature. According to the terms of the seagreements, Clients of  Legal agency “SRV”have the opportunity to employ legal services by other legal companies, located on the territory of different subjects of the Russian Federation within  the frame of existing Contracts with theAgency.

In 2007 the Group of Companies “SRV” opened its branchoffices in Moscow, Krasnodar, Makhachkala, Vladikavkaz and Izobilnyi. In 2008  the Group of Companies “SRV” opened its branchoffice in the town of Yessentuki due to establishment of Sixteenth Arbitration Appeal Court whichcarries out inspection of judicial acts on appeal, adopted by arbitrationcourts of the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of Ingushetia, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic,the Republic ofKalmykia, theKarachayevo-Cherkessian Republic, the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Stavropol region and the Chechen Republic.

Growth in number of clientsof the Group of Companies “SRV”
Рост числа клиентов ОАО Юридическое агентство СРВ




•  Complex legal services for organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
•  Representation of interests in arbitration courts, regular courts and referees courts;
•  Representation of interests of individuals and organizations in criminal trials with prosecution authorities, Department of Internal Affairs and courts;
•  Completing statements of claim, appeal petitions, writs of appeal, supervisory complaints and other service documents;
•  Completing and facilitating statements on judicial security at arbitration courts and regular courts;
•  Drafting contracts, complaints and appeals to state bodies;
•  Preparation of constitutive documents and state registration of legal entities, legal entities registration with tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds; 
•  Development of reorganization plans and procedures for change of organizations owners, state registration of reorganization and adjustment of constitutive documents;
•  Representation of creditors and debtors interests in proceedings on financial insolvency (bankruptcy) of organizations;
•  Representation of organizations- taxpayers interests in tax authorities and  lodging of judicial decrees and actions (lack of actions) by tax inspections;
•  Tax planning and tax mitigation;
•  Consulting services concerning real estate transactions processing;
•  Executing transactions in equity market, registration of IPO prospectuses;
•  Organizations liquidation services;
•  Assessment of business, immovable assets, movable estate and  proprietary rights;
•  Reconstruction of accounts and accounting records maintenance, audit organization;
•  Financial analysis, statistical researches, business plans development;
•  Seals and stamps manufacturing;
•  Production of business cards, calendars and booklets;


Our Clients

Administrationof Stavropol City,
Administration of Makhachkala,
Administration of Shpakovsky  municipal districtof Stavropol Region, Town of Mikhaylovsk,
Administration of Izobilnensky municipal district of Stavropol Region, Town ofIzobilny,
Committee for property administration of Makhachkala                                                                      
OJSC “Svyazinvest”, Moscow,
LLC “Alfa- Eco-M”, Moscow,
OJSC  “Yugoria”,  Khanty-Mansiysk,
OJSC “Ob- Irtyshskoye inlandnavigation company”, Khanty-Mansiysk,
LLC “MegaAlyans”, Moscow,
North- Caucasus Bank of Savings Bank (Sberbank) of Russia, Stavropol City,
OJSC  AKB "Natsionalny Reservny Bank"(National Reserve Bank), Moscow
OJSC “Concern Energomera”, Stavropol City,
OJSC “South telecommunications company”, Krasnodar,
OJSC "Enel OGK-5", Yekaterinburg,
LLC "Rusenergosbyt", Moscow,
OJSC "Fourth generating company of
wholesale power market” (OJSC "OGK-4"), Surgut,
OJSC “Tatenergo”, Kazan,
OJSC “Generiruyuschaya companiya” (“Generating Company”), Kazan,
OJSC “Tatenergosbyt”, Kazan,
OJSC “TGK- 16", Kazan,
OJSC “Rokadovskiye Mineralnye Vody”, Mineralnye Vody,
CJSC “Stanciya na Dmitrovke”, Moscow,
OJSC “VNIIPKspetstroykonstruktsiya”, Moscow,
OJSC “Stavropolnefteprodukt”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Stavropoltruboprovodstroy”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Insurance peasant company “Podderzhka”, Moscow,
LLC “Ekstra- Muka”,  Moscow,
CJSC “Toppromenergo”, Moscow,
OJSC “Trust Prikaspiyelectrosetstroy”, Astrakhan,
OJSC “ANK “Bashneft”, Ufa,
OJSC “Priazovie”, Taganrog,
OJSC “Rosneft- Stavropolneftegaz”, Neftekumsk,
LLC “Stavneft”, Stavropol,
CJSC Oil company “Kondor”, Stavropol,
LLC “Rokadanefteprodukt”, Pyatigorsk,
LLC PKP “Stavpromkomplekt”, Stavropol,
LLC “Derzhava”, Zheleznovodsk,
OJSC “Stavropolkraygaz”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Shpakovskraygaz”, Mikhaylovsk,
OJSC “Georgievskmezhraygaz”, Georgievsk,
Federal state unitaryenterprise “Elbrus – Avia”, Nalchik,
State unitary enterpriseof Stavropol Region “Stavropolkrayvodokanal”, Stavropol,
State unitary enterpriseof Stavropol Region “Regionbezopasnost”, Stavropol,
State unitary enterpriseof Stavropol Region “Central office of motor roads under construction” , Stavropol,                                                                                                                                                             
State unitaryenterprise of Stavropol Region “ Stavropolfarmatsiya”, Stavropol,
State unitary enterpriseof Stavropol Region  “Stavropol Regionalheat and power complex”, Stavropol,
State unitary enterpriseof Stavropol Region “Stavropolkommunelektro”, Stavropol,
State unitary enterpriseof Stavropol Region «Department  ofspecialized erection works” , Stavropol,
Municipal UnitaryEnterprise  “Vodokanal”, Stavropol,
Municipal UnitaryEnterprise  “Marshrut”, MineralnyeVody,
Municipal UnitaryEnterprise  “Residential and utilities servicesorganization”, Neftekumsk region,
Stavropol municipal unitary trolleybus enterprise, Stavropol,
CJSC “ Sotovaya svyaz Kalmykii” (Cellular communication of Kalmykia), Elista,
LLC “Georgievsk canning plant – 1”, Georgievsk,
CJSC “Mobile cellular communication of Stavropol Region”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Stavtelecom  n.a. V.I. Kuzminov”,Stavropol,
Regional Foundation “Football Club “Dinamo- Stavropol”, Stavropol,
LLC “Stavropolskiye gubernskiye vedomosti” (Stavropol regional news),Stavropol                                              
OJSC plant “Analog”, Stavropol,
OJSC plant “Izumrud”, Stavropol,
OJSC plant “Kvant”,  Nevinnomyssk,
OJSC “ZAVOD VOLNA”, Solnechnodolsk,
CJSC “First Stavropol brick factory”, Stavropol,                                                                                                      
LLC“TD “Slavyansky mramor” (Trading company “Slavoic marble”), Republic of Khakassia,
OJSC “Stavropolsky LVZ  “Strizhament” (liquor  producer), Stavropol,
LLC “Trade House “Strizhament”, Stavropol,
LLC “Nevinnomyssk wool- processing manufacturing group” n.a. I. Lapin,Nevinnomyssk,
CJSC “Nevinnomyssky wool factory”, Nevinnomyssk,
OJSC “Monokristall”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Avtopritsep-KAMAZ”, Stavropol,
LLC “Nazaryevskyi karyer” of Kochubeevsky region, Stavropol region,
LLC “Industrial and construction company “ Nevinnomysskaya”, Nevinnomyssk,
LLC “YugBiznesProekt”, Stavropol,
LLC “Postavschik”, Nevinnomyssk,
OJSC “Nevinnomysskstroy”, Nevinnomyssk,
OJSC “Zhelezobeton”, Nevinnomyssk,
LLC “Stavropoltorg”, Stavropol,
CJSC “Gruppa INTER”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Construction site of Mineralnye Vody № 14”, Mineralnye Vody,
OJSC “Teberdinskaya PMK”, Teberda,
OJSC “Yessentuksky mineral water bottling factory”, Yessentuki,
CJSC “Ipatovsky pivzavod”, Ipatovo,
LLC “ Mineralnye vody Zheleznovodska”, Zheleznovodsk,
LLC “Vinzavod Budennovskyi”, Budennovsk,
OJSC “Stavropolenergo”, Pyatigorsk,
OJSC “Chirkey GES Story”, Makhachkala,
OJSC “ Stavropol- CMU-6”, Stavropol,
LLC “Kavminkurortstroy”, Pyatigorsk,
LLC “Ekopolis”, Sochi,
LLC company “Brick Field” , Stavropol,
Permanent representative office of Republic of Dagestan in Stavropol region,Stavropol,
OJSC “Makhachkalinskiye gorelektroseti”(Municipal power networks), Makhachkala,
OJSC “Makhachkalateploenergo”, Makhachkala,
OJSC “Makhachkalateploservis”, Makhachkala,
OJSC ‘Makhachkalagaz”, Makhachkala,
OJSC “Makhachkala champagne factory”, Makhachkala,
Dagestan union of consumers societies “Dagpotrebsoyuz”, Makhachkala,
CJSC “Instav”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Cargoes and motor transport enterprise”, Stavropol,
CJSC “Regional Council  for tourism andexcursions –Intur”, Stavropol,
OJSC “Municipal payments centre”, Stavropol,
LLC Sanatorium “Tselebnyi narzan”, Kislovodsk,
Medical and preventive treatment institution, Sanatorium “Rus”, Yessentuki,
LLC “Park-M”, Pyatigorsk,
State health care insitution “Stavropol regional clinical hospital”, Stavropol,
CJSC “Central Policlinics”, Stavropol,
Sanatorium-and-spa resort “Kurortnaya poliklinika” , Kislovodsk,
LLC “Prostor”, Novoaleksandrovsk,
LLC Interfarm enterprise “Orion”, Shpakovsky district,
LLC  “Global industrial mineral company “TROYL”,Ust- Labinsk,
OJSC “Stavropolsakhar”, Izobilnyi,
OJSC “Sugar mill of Izobilnyi”, Izobilnyi,
LLC “Corporation “ABP”, Yessentukskaya village,
LLC “Nevinnomyssky khlebokombinat” (bread- baking complex), Nevinnomyssk,
OJSC “Svetlogradsky elevator”, Svetlograd,
OJSC “Ipatovskyi elevator”. Ipatovo,
OJSC “Peredovoy khleboprodukt”, vil. Peredovoy of Izobilnensky district, Stavropolregion,
OJSC “Izobilnyi khleboproduct “, Izobilnyi,
LLC “Agrochemical research and production enterprise  “AGROKHIM-XXI”, Moscow,
LLC “AgroLand”, Moscow,
LLC “KVS RUS”, Moscow,
Agricultural production cooperative collective farm “Rus”, Sovetsky district,Stavropol region,
Agricultural production cooperative “Kolkhoz  n.a. Kirov”, Sovetsky district, Stavropolregion,
Agricultural production cooperative “Velichaevskyi”, Levokumskydistrict, Stavropol region,
State unitary enterprise “Nikolo- Aleksandrovskoye”, Levokumskydistrict, Stavropol region,
Peasant farm enterprise “Plus”, Budennovsk,
OJSC “Pobeda”, Krasnogvardeyskyi district, Stavropol Region,
OJSC Agricultural Enterprise “Kalinovskoye”, Aleksandrovsky district, Stavropolregion,
OJSC “Kolhoz n.a. Lenin”, Novoaleksandrovsky district, Stavropol region,
OJSC “Kuban”, Izobilnensky district, Stavropol region,
LLC “Pobeda”, Blagodarnensky district, Stavropol region,
LLC “Kolos”, Novoselitsky district, Stavropol region,
LLC Agricultural Enterprise “Iskra +”, Aleksandrovsky district, Stavropol region,
LLC “Vysotskoye”, Petrovsky district, Stavropol region,
CJSC “Terskyi” , Budennovsky district, Stavropol region,
LLC “Agro-industrial corporation “Azaddesh”, Blagodarnensky district, Stavropolregion,
Agricultural production cooperative collective farm “Yegorlyksky”, Izobilnenskydistrict, Stavropol region,
CJSC “Niva”, Novoaleksandrovsky district, Stavropol region,
State unitary enterprise Research farm “Novopavlovskoye”, Kirovsky district, Stavropolregion,
State unitary enterprise “Vinsovkhoz Opytnyi”(Winery), Neftekumsky district, Stavropolregion,
CJSC “Step”, Stepnovsky district, Stavropol region,
LLC “Agroturservis”, Apanasenkovsky district, Stavropol region,
Trust Partnership “Agrozooprodukt Zimin and Co”, Izobilnensky district, Stavropolregion,
OJSC “Nadezhda”, Novoselitskoye village,
LLC “Krai”, Predgorny district,
Agricultural production cooperative  collectivestud farm “Krasny Octyabr”, Arzgirsky district, Stavropol region,
Agricultural production cooperative  Nucleus“Krasny Manych”, Turkmensky district, Stavropol region,
Agricultural production cooperative  collectivefarm n.a. Nikolenko, Arzgirsky district, Stavropol region,
Agricultural production cooperative  (collectivefarm) “Stepnoy”, Stepnovsky district, Stavropol region,
LLC “Sovkhoz “Kavkaz-Tempelgof”, Mineralovodsky district,
Agricultural production cooperative “Vostok”, Neftekumsky district,
CJSC “Krasny Oktyabr”, Veselkovsky district, Rostov oblast,
Agricultural production cooperative  studfarm  “Stavropolskyi”, Izobilnenskydistrict,
LLC “Agricultural enterprise n.a. S.V.Lutsenko “Proletarskaya Volya”, Predgornydistrict,
Agricultural production cooperative  “Gigant”, Blagodarnensky district,                                   
LLC“Interstroy”, Stavropol,
Agricultural production cooperative  “Rybkhoz Nevinnomyssky”  (fish farm), Nevinnomyssk,
LLC “Novaya Zarya”, Izobilnensky district,
Agricultural production cooperative  “Kirovsky”, Ipatovsky district,
Agricultural production cooperative “Kolkhoz n.a. May 1”, Novoselitsky district,
OJSC “Znamya Oktyabrya”, village Oktyabrskaya, Krasnodar region,
LLC “Kugoyeyskoye”, Krylovsky district, Krasnodar region,
and many others.



ZIP Code: 355017, Russian Federation
Stavropol sity, 319 Mira Street.
Phone/fax: +7(8652) 35-04-08;
24-47-47; 37-19-19; 37-22-44
Email: law@asrv.ru


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